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Bangladesh has become one of the first countries to have secured a loan from the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The country will get $165 million for a power distribution system upgrade and expansion project.

The board of the bank approved its first 4 loans totally $509 million to 4 countries (other 3 countries are Pakistan, Indonesia and Takjikistan) within 6 months of its establishment.

How to use Mind maps?

  1. Use Mind maps to read the topics faster with a complete topic coverage.
  2. Try to write sentences or paragraphs using Mind maps. This will help you to write better in your Mains examination. It also aids in engraving the topic better in your mind.
  3. Use them as flash cards to revise topics.
  4. Download the images into your devices to study in your leisure times or while travelling.
  5. Use Mind maps to read and revise faster during last minute preparations.

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