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Bezbaruah Committee

The Committee was constituted in February, 2014 to look into the various concerns of persons hailing from the North Eastern States who are living in different parts of the country, especially the Metropolitan areas, and to suggest suitable remedial measures which could be taken by the Government.


Chairman: Shri M.P. Bezbaruah IAS (Retd.), Member, North Eastern Council.

Members: Shri H.W.T. Syeim, IAS (Retd.), Shri Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS(Retd.), Shri Tape Bagra, IAS(Retd.) and Shri P. Bharat Singh, IAS(Retd.).


    1. To examine the various kinds of concerns, including the concerns regarding security, of the persons hailing from the North Eastern States.
    2. To examine the causes behind the attacks/violence and discrimination against the people from the North-Eastern States.
    3. To suggest measures to be taken by the Government to address these concerns.
    4. To suggest legal remedies to address these concerns.


    Indian Penal Code (IPC) will be amended for insertion of new sections of 153C and 509A as recommended by the Committee.

    A panel of seven lawyers including five women lawyers has been constituted by the Delhi State Legal Service Authority (DSLSA) for providing legal assistance to the needy people from the North East.

    The Delhi Government will also be providing compensation and monetary assistance to the NE people under Delhi Victim Compensation Scheme 2011.

    Recommendations of committee

    Recommendations made by the Committee regarding Special Police Initiatives and additional steps to be taken by the various State Police Forces and Delhi Police have been accepted for immediate implementation. These include:

    1. Delhi police will recruit 20 police personnel, (10 male – 10 female) each from North East States.
    2. Police exchange programme has been approved between NE States and metropolitan cities including Delhi.
    3. North East Special Unit at New Delhi is activated to address the grievances of the NE people. Other States have been advised to do the same.
    4. A decision has been taken that cases of NE people be referred to the existing fast track courts for early decision.
    5. A special helpline No.1093 for NE people is being synchronized with helpline No.100. Other States are advised to set up special helpline.
    6. Various Metropolitan Police including Delhi Police are being advised to post NE Personnel in their force in the visible positions in vulnerable areas prone to crime against NE people. Also they will be advised to have due representation of the senior officers at the field level.




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