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Central Statistical Organisation

Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)

Responsible for coordination of statistical activities in India, and evolving and maintaining statistical standards.

Set up

 2 May 1951


    1. Director-General
    2. Five additional Director-Generals
    3. Four Deputy Director-Generals
    4. Six Joint Directors
    5. Seven special task officers
    6. Thirty deputy directors,
    7. 48 assistant directors and
    8. other supporting staff.


National Income Accounting; conduct of Annual Survey of Industries, Economic Censuses and its follow up surveys, compilation of Index of Industrial Production, as well as Consumer Price Indices for Urban Non-Manual Employees, Human Development Statistics, Gender Statistics, imparting training in Official Statistics, Five Year Plan work relating to Development of Statistics in the States and Union Territories; dissemination of statistical information, work relating to trade, energy, construction, and environment statistics, revision of National Industrial Classification, etc...