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According to Human Capital Index, India ranked at 105th position globally among 130 countries and topped by Finland. The report was released by the World Economic Forum, Geneva.

The Index is based on the criteria of nation's ability to nurture, develop and organize talent for Economic Growth.

In 2015, India stood at 100th rank. This year India ranks much below than China, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

India has optimized 57% of its human Capital endowment. Youth Literacy rate has been reached at 90% only while India’s Educational system has enhanced markedly over the various age groups.
India ranks poorly on labour force participation because of employment gender gaps.

Position of India in various categories:
Quality of Education System: 39th Position
Ease of finding skilled employees: 45th Position
Staff Training: 46th Position
Youth literacy rate: 103rd Position
Employment gender gaps: 121st Position

India had the largest share in the Global distribution of tertiary degree holder in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics after China.
Only 65% of the world’s talent is being optimized through education, skills development and deployment.
The adaptation of educational institutions, labour market policy and workplaces are essential to growth, equality and social stability.
Countries ranked below India include Nepal, Myanmar, Haiti, Malawi and Burundi and Pakistan.

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