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[1] What was the main objective of Chandrayaan I?

a) To study the surface of the moon

b) To search for water on the moon

c) To study the atmosphere of the moon

d) To map the mineral resources on the moon

[2] Which Indian space agency launched Chandrayaan I?





[3] What was the launch date of Chandrayaan I?

a) October 22, 2008

b) November 14, 2008

c) December 25, 2008

d) January 14, 2009

[4] What type of orbit did Chandrayaan I orbit the moon in?

a) Polar orbit

b) Equatorial orbit

c) Geosynchronous orbit

d) Low Earth orbit

[5] How many payloads were onboard Chandrayaan I?

a) 5

b) 11

c) 15

d) 20

[6] Which country's payloads were onboard Chandrayaan I?

a) India's only

b) India and Russia's

c) India and USA's

d) India, Russia, and USA's

[7] What was the name of the impact probe sent by Chandrayaan I to the surface of the moon?

a) Vikram

b) Moon Impact Probe (MIP)

c) Chandrayaan

d) Moon Impact Probe

[8] What was the duration of Chandrayaan I's mission?

a) 6 months

b) 1 year

c) 2 years

d) 3 years

[9] What was the last signal received from Chandrayaan I?

a) August 29, 2009

b) September 14, 2009

c) October 29, 2009

d) November 14, 2009

[10] What was the main discovery made by Chandrayaan I?

a) Water on the moon

b) A new type of rock on the moon

c) A previously unknown crater on the moon

d) A new mineral resource on the moon


    1.     b) To search for water on the moon
    2.     a) ISRO
    3.     a) October 22, 2008
    4.     a) Polar orbit
    5.     b) 11
    6.     d) India, Russia, and USA's
    7.     b) Moon Impact Probe (MIP)
    8.     a) 6 months
    9.     d) November 14, 2009
    10.     a) Water on the moon (Chandrayaan I's discovery of water on the moon was made using data from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, a payload onboard the spacecraft.)

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