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[1] What is the primary function of the GRAMSAT satellite?

a) Communication

b) Weather forecasting

c) Remote sensing

d) Navigation

[2] How many GRAMSAT satellites are currently in orbit?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

[3] Which agency is responsible for the launch and operation of GRAMSAT satellites?





[4] What type of data does the GRAMSAT satellite collect?

a) Audio

b) Video

c) Imagery

d) All of the above

[5] What is the resolution of the GRAMSAT satellite's camera?

a) 1m

b) 5m

c) 10m

d) 15m

[6] How often does the GRAMSAT satellite orbit the Earth?

a) Once every 24 hours

b) Once every 48 hours

c) Once every 72 hours

d) Once every 96 hours

[7] What is the expected lifespan of a GRAMSAT satellite?

a) 5 years

b) 10 years

c) 15 years

d) 20 years

[8] What is the primary use of the data collected by the GRAMSAT satellite?

a) Military operations

b) Disaster management

c) Agriculture

d) All of the above

[9] What is the altitude of the GRAMSAT satellite in orbit?

a) 500 km

b) 750 km

c) 1000 km

d) 1250 km

[10] Is the GRAMSAT satellite capable of providing real-time data?

a) Yes

b) No


    1. c) Remote sensing
    2. b) 2
    3. b) ISRO
    4. c) Imagery
    5. b) 5m
    6. a) Once every 24 hours
    7. b) 10 years
    8. d) All of the above
    9. b) 750 km
    10. a) Yes

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