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Scientific name

Northern river terrapin

Batagur baska

Red-crowned roofed turtle

Batagur kachuga

Leatherback sea turtle

Dermochelys coriacea

Hawksbill sea turtle

Eretmochelys imbricata

Ghats wart frog

Fejervarya murthii


Gavialis gangeticus

Gundia Indian frog

Indirana gundia

Toad-skinned frog

Indirana phrynoderma

Charles Darwin's frog

Ingerana charlesdarwini

Rao's torrent frog

Micrixalus kottigeharensis

Amboli bush frog

Pseudophilautus amboli

White-spotted bush frog

Raorchestes chalazodes

Griet bush frog

Raorchestes griet

Munnar bush frog

Raorchestes munnarensis

Ponmudi bush frog

Raorchestes ponmudi

Sacred Grove bush frog

Raorchestes sanctisilvaticus

Shillong bubble-nest frog

Raorchestes shillongensis

Anaimalai flying frog

Rhacophorus pseudomalabaricus

Assam roofed turtle

Pangshura sylhetensis



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