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Scientific name

Asian arowana

Scleropages formosus



Scientific name

Narcondam hornbill

Rhyticeros narcondami



Scientific name

Olive ridley sea turtle

Lepidochelys olivacea




Scientific name

Asian black bear

Ursus thibetanus

Asian elephant

Elephas maximus


Bos javanicus


Rucervus duvaucelii

Bengal tiger

Panthera tigris tigris

Blue whale

Balaenoptera musculus

Central Kashmir vole

Alticola montosa

Clouded leopard

Neofelis nebulosa


Cuon alpinus


Dugong dugon

Fin whale

Balaenoptera physalus

Four-horned antelope

Tetracerus quadricornis

Ganges river dolphin

Platanista gangetica gangetica


Bos gaurus

Gee's golden langur

Trachypithecus geei

Hispid hare

Caprolagus hispidus

Hoolock gibbons

Hoolock spp.

Indian wild ass

Equus hemionus khur

Lion-tailed macaque

Macaca silenus

Mandelli's mouse-eared bat

Myotis sicarius

Marbled cat

Pardofelis marmorata


Capra falconeri

Nicobar flying fox

Pteropus faunulus

Nicobar treeshrew

Tupaia nicobarica

Nilgiri langur

Trachypithecus johnii

Nilgiri marten

Martes gwatkinsii

Nilgiri tahr

Nilgiritragus hylocrius

Palm rat

Rattus palmarum

Red goral

Naemorhedus baileyi

Red panda

Ailurus fulgens

Rusty-spotted cat

Prionailurus rubiginosus

Sei whale

Balaenoptera borealis

Servant mouse

Mus famulus

Sloth bear

Melursus ursinus

Smooth-coated otter

Lutrogale perspicillata

Snow leopard

Uncia uncia

Sperm whale

Physeter macrocephalus

Stump-tailed macaque

Macaca arctoides

Swamp deer

Rucervus duvaucelii


Budorcas taxicolor

Tibetan antelope

Pantholops hodgsonii

White-bellied musk deer

Moschus leucogaster

Wild goat

Capra aegagrus

Wild water buffalo

Bubalus arnee

Woolly flying squirrel

Eupetaurus cinereus


Bos grunniens



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