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First (Metro) rail to become Zone of Indian Railways

Kolkata Metro as the (17Th Zonal Headquarter) (30-12-2010)

First airplane in India

Maharaja of Patiala, 1910

First and the only Indian (Metro) rail under Indian Railways

Kolkata Metro

First City to have an e-court

 Ahmedabad, 8 February 2009

First City/town to achieve 100% literacy rate

Kottayam, Kerala, 1989

First District to achieve 100% literacy rate

Ernakulam district, Kerala, 1990

First District to achieve 100% literacy rate and lowest population growth rate

Pathanamthitta district, Kerala

First District to achieve tobacco free

Kottayam district, Kerala, 27 September 2008

First District to be polio-free

Pathanamthitta district, Kerala

First District to become India's 'total electrified district'

Palakkad, Kerala, 2011

First expressway

Mumbai - Pune Expressway in 2000,

First fully indigenous passenger car developed in India

Tata Indica, launched in 1998

First Indians to own a motor car

Jamshedji Tata and Rustom Cama.

First India's first Wi-Fi city


First large-scale import of motor cars

Relatively large contingent of motorcars imported for the Delhi Darbar held in 1911 to mark the arrival of King George V

First major acquisition of a foreign company by an Indian company

Tata Motors acquires Jaguar and Land Rover in 2007.

First manufacture of motor cars

Hindustan Motors begins production of cars in 1942.

First Motor Taxi

Mumbai, 1911

First Motorcar in regular use

Francis Spring, Chennai in 1901.

First Motorcar: in 1897

Mr. Forster of Crompton Greaves

First partition of Indian state


First Passenger Train

between Mumbai and Thane on 16 April 1853

First rapid transit (Metro) rail

Kolkata Metro in 1984

First registration scheme for motor vehicles in India


First road which is a connected to a Wi-Fi Zone

Rajarhat (connecting Rajarhat Main Arterial Road to the airport to Sector V in the city of Kolkata with 10.5 km)

First suburban railway line

Mumbai Suburban Railway in 1857

First woman to drive a car in India

RD Tata 1905

First woman to drive a railway train in India

Surekha Yadav

Oldest surviving and running cars in India

De Dion Bouton 1904, Rover 1905



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